Lavish Getaways Terms of Service

Check-in Process:  Once the reservation is paid for in full our client will be directed to contact the person we have on file as responsible for providing checkin instructions. Please notify us of any changes. 

Damage Deposit: Your standard damage deposit is being held in trust by Lavish Getaways and Lavish Getaways is liable for up to that amount for damages caused by the guest.  Damage deposits will be fully refunded to guests 7 days after checkout unless otherwise notified by you. If no notice is given Lavish Getaways is free from any liability. If you require a damage waiver, that amount is included in the grand total to be transfered to you.    
 By accepting reservations you agree to honor the reservation according to the terms above and agree to the following: If a guest arrives and finds the accommodations unsuitable, or has issues while staying in the home and successfully reverses any transactions with LG after LG has paid the owner/manager, the owner/manager will reimburse LGs for losses incurred. In addition, in any case where the property is sold or foreclosed or for any reason owner/manager cannot honor bookings made by LG after funds are transferred to the owner/manager, the guest will be given the owner/managers information so they can work out comparable accommodations. Lavish Getaways assumes that all property owners are fully compliant with state and local laws and is not in anyway responsible for the verification of legal compliance of property owners. Processing time on payments of balance may vary slightly.

Lavish Getaways is not a real estate brokerage and only acts as a marketing company under the direction of the owner or his duly authorized property manager.  

All caretakers are directly under the supervision of the property owner or his manager and are not employees of Lavish Getaways. Lavish Getaways is not a property management company but only a marketing company that brings potential guests to owners for final approval to stay in the home of the property owner and to be cared for by the owners caretaker, manager or the owner himself. Owners retain full management of their homes under the terms of this agreement or any agreement with Lavish Getaways. Any respresentations to the contrary are false.   


Rental Agreement issued to the guest and the guests reservation will be executed according to the terms of that agreement. If you wish to see a copy of the rental agreement issued to the guest you may request it.  

All respesentations made on the Lavish Getaways website are made under the direction of the property owner. Any representations that are innacurate are soley the responsibility of the property owner. All property owners are required to review there listing regularly to ensure accuracy.